This lady is right on the money! I was lucky enough to have a private reading from her in hopes of connecting with my Dad, and boy did he ever come through! Patty told me so many things that she would have NO WAY of knowing, even if she researched me for a month ahead of time!

There were some items that came up during the reading that I didn't understand so I wrote them down, and now four days after the reading, I know what my Dad was trying to tell me. I'm blown away at her natural ability, and encourage anyone reading this to give her a chance at a private reading. Thank you Patty for bringing me so much peace regarding my Dad's passing.

- Kimber Addington

Patty was on point with her reading from the very first time I went to one of her galleries. She is amazing at what she does and is very accurate. The first time I went I was going to bring a special ring with me and forgot it.

During the reading Patty came back to me to ask me "what is it about a ring you were supposed to bring and forgot?" I about fell off my chair because no one knew but me and my friend who came with me. Continue blessing people with your gift Patty. You are amazing!

- Teri Fisher

Iā€™m normally skeptical but when I went to a gallery some things came out that made me want to have a personal reading. I could not believe the things that I was told: full names of my grandparents, their hobbies, past events, even the ailments that they suffered.

There is absolutely no way anyone could have known any of this information. This was the best reading ever.

- Liz Nichols

I had an opportunity to see Patty Griffin in a large group setting. I was very impressed with how SPOT on she was with the people in the room. I always found her to be funny at the same time.

She was born for this! If you have not been to one of her shows... GET TO ONE! If you have been to one of her shows, find the time to see her alone! Thank you for a great night!

- Amy Guandalini